Bank Heist Bust
Bank Heist Bust is the first mission of Heroes of Robloxia, the main villain is Cicada, as he is trying to steal gold from the bank for Darkmatter´s plan.

What you have to do! Edit

You start off next to the bank. Go inside the bank, as there are Cicada´s Henchman, robbing the bank. Defeat them all, and the door will open, revealing more Henchman. After defeating them, you go outside, and there will be more Henchman! After defeating the Henchman, use Captain Robloxia to smash the wire gate. After that, you go across the alley to find a bus and a trail of gold. Destroy the bus with Captain Robloxia and follow the trail of gold, to find a construction site. You climb the ladders, using Captain Robloxia and Overdrive to move up. After getting on the roof of the site, go onto the crane and use Captain Robloxia to move the crane onto a blue building. After, you will encounter Cicada, laughing. Defeat his henchman, and he will fly down. Defeat him, and then the scene will move to Darkmatter, saying that he has his first part of the plan done. You later move onto the next mission, Toxic Factory Takedown.

Heroes to Use Edit

Captain Robloxia