Tessla is a hero (along with Captain Roblox, Overdrive, Kinetic, and Amethysto) Tessla first appears in Toxic Factory Takedown.

Appearence Edit

Tessla has a Honey Blonde hair, blue jeans, a blue tank top with a blue skirt, and a blue makeup in the eyes. She bears the Roblox Symbol on her chest.

Powers Edit

Tessla's superpower is Electricity. She can send beams of eletricity, can charge generators and can shock anything within close vicinity.

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Trivia Edit

  • She's the only character who exposed her arms, with the exception of Amethysto.
  • This is the only hero that's female.
  • Other than the scientists in Mission 5 - Cosminus Chaos, Tessla is the only female in the game.